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Why Azerbaijan?


Azerbaijan is located in the east of the South Caucasus, on the Western Caspian coast. It's an exceptionally beautiful place with striking natural contrasts: 9 of the Earth's 11 major climatic types are represented.


From carpets, antiques, traditional bazaars and souvenir shops with its authentic handicrafts traditions, particularly related to copper and silk to Azerbaijan’s many malls, boutiques and showrooms have all the luxury brands.

Azerbaijani cuisine

The cuisine in Azerbaijan is a vital part of the country and its culture. The flavors and ingredients used reflect the foods that can be grown or found in Azerbaijan, as well as the trading connections that brought new tastes from far and wide.

Cultural heritage

The nation of Azerbaijan has played a significant role in formation of the world culture and has the right to feel proud for its history, material and cultural monuments, literature, arts and music heritage.

Azerbaijan Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai

The Azerbaijan Pavilion’s architecture immediately communicates the concept Seeds for the Future to the Expo 2020 Dubai’s visitors through the use of two iconic elements recalling sustainability in terms of nature and its process: a leaf and a tree.
The leaf is a metaphor for an infinite energy process. Every leaf transforms the sun's energy into power for life. The tree makes life on this planet possible, it is a symbol of care and protection.
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Expo 2020 Dubai

Azerbaijan Pavilion


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1 OCTOBER 2021 — 31 MARCH 2022
1 OCTOBER 2021 — 31 MARCH 2022

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